Public Relations Green Transformation

Mission Statement: Green is what the world is going for.  Established businesses as well as up-and-coming businesses are aware that the environment is becoming increasingly important to people around the globe.  Companies need to know, now more than ever, how to respond to environmental issues that affect their business.  This is why green public relations, or organic marketing, comes into the picture.

There are many organizations and companies that are incorporating “green” into their everyday marketing techniques, including public relations.  In 2008, Mambo Sprouts Marketing, a company devoted to organic advertising, conducted a survey that found people would be willing to spend more money on products that were beneficial to the environment. The same study also found that people would be likely to spend more money on retailers who practiced environmentally sustainable business.

According to PR Lead, current marketing trends suggest that:

  • 41% specified it was important for companies to participate in environmentally responsible business.
  • 32% specified it was very important for companies to participate in environmentally responsible business. 

Considering the fact that people want to lower their ecological footprint, there is an expanding market for environmentally friendly businesses.  Companies that begin to use green PR to successfully market themselves and companies that promote the sustainability of their product will ultimately be most effective.

Corporations can gain a competitive advantage with assistance from a public relations firm. After all, a public relations firm’s main goal is to communicate their client’s objectives to the public, while also aiding them in maintaining a well-respected reputation.  However, with green PR rising through the ranks, the public will not only be informed of the quality of the company’s product, but also the eco-friendliness of the company.  There are a number of agencies and public relations firms geared towards helping business and the environment simultaneously, one example is PilmerPR


  • PilmerPR is a full service public relations firm that practices green PR and understands the significance of creating an eco-friendly image for the success of their clients business.  In the past, PilmerPR has joined with various clean technology companies, such as ElectraTherm, and transformed ordinary businesses into nationally recognized companies. 
  • ElectraTherm gained publicity through campaigns held by PilmerPR, as well as press releases submitted by the firm.  Professionals at PilmerPR incorporate concrete data and proof in their press releases to insure credibility when dealing with their client’s products and technology.

Public relations firms involved in green marketing for their clients can be very influential. Green PR can ultimately lead businesses to be more successful than competition that does not incorporate green into their advertising.


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