Can PR Help the Commercial Nuclear Power Industry?

 It is sad to say that not all renewable energy sources are 100% sustainable at all times.  This is evident because of the recent downfall of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant’s reactors in Japan. 

Nuclear energy has long been debated and public relations specialists representing nuclear power plants, especially in Japan, have serious issues they need to relay to the public if nuclear power plants want to stay in operation. 

Public relations specialists representing this renewable energy source should:

  • Avidly continue to share truthful information about the leadership of the power plant and about the organizations current status to the general public
  • Have a plan to announce current challenges the power plant is facing and what has been successful in terms of cooling the reactors
  • Show that the people who are working for the nuclear power plant and the people who the nuclear power plants serves are well respected and that communication is being put forth in such situations
  • Continue to provide recognition to people helping the situation and to people who work for the power plant

Unfortunately, incompetent public relations are often associated with the commercial nuclear power industry internationally, along with economic and technological calamities, argumentative political positions, environmental threats and regulatory pressures.      

Back in the 1980s nuclear energy was thought to be a promising way to generate unlimited and cheap electricity.  However nuclear energy is accompanied by a series of hazards that far exceed the benefits according to a medical doctor, Helen Caldicott.

“Contrary to the nuclear industry’s propaganda, nuclear power is … not green and it is certainly not clean.”

There are many dangers included in nuclear power plants that make the general public opposed to this renewable energy source.  The following are a few reasons as to why it is difficult for people in the public relations industry to represent the commercial nuclear power industry:

  • Nuclear power plants are not as cost effective as they seem because in order for them to operate uranium is necessary, and the mining of uranium is not added to the cost
    • Also, millions of units of radioactive isotopes are emitted into the air from nuclear reactors, which can cause genetic mutations
    • Dangerous carcinogenic elements are made in nuclear power plants
    • Storage of radioactive waste is temporary and there is yet a place to store radioactive waste permanently

The ever debatable issue of nuclear energy may have finally met its match with the current problem occurring halfway around the world and the PR industry may not be able to save it this time around.  Yet, with proper communication skills the nuclear energy industry may be able to survive.


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