St. Pete’s Tourism Industry Could Suffer as a Result of Cop Killings

St. Petersburg, Fla. is a vacation spot that offers various types of attractions for all ages.  Annually, tourists from all over America, as well as from around the world, travel to St, Petersburg to relax and enjoy the scenery. 

St. Petersburg is home numerous attractions that appeal to tourists looking to spend a relaxing day in Florida with:

  • Beautiful white sandy beaches that appeal to tourists looking to soak up the sun.  Among such is Ft. Desoto Beach, which has been previously rated as America’s number one beach.
  • In addition to visiting beaches, tourists can visit a wide variety of galleries, such as the Salvador Dali and Holocaust museums.
  • If that is not appealing, surely something in the St. Petersburg area is, whether it is a Ray’s baseball game at Tropicana Field or a quiet stroll along the Pie.

Tourists can always keep themselves entertained in St. Petersburg.

Yet, the city of St. Petersburg has recently experienced rare circumstances that may eventually threaten to damage the warm and peaceful image of the city.  While crime in the city has gone down over the last few years, the St. Petersburg Police Department has suffered a few casualties in the last two months.  Since that time the police department has lost three officers in the line of duty, which has not happened in the St. Petersburg district for nearly 30 years.

Unfortunately, after the cop killings occurred, some forms of media have portrayed the city in somewhat of a negative limelight.  While there are some articles suggest that not all hope is lost for the St. Petersburg community, some people should be concerned about a new presence in the city.

Omali Yeshitela, of St. Petersburg, is the leader of the Uhuru Movement, and he has condoned cop killer, Hydra Lacy Jr. for his recent killings in St. Petersburg, Fla. as being a part of a bigger resistance for Africans.  The Uhuru Movement also referred to as the African People Socialist Party (APSP), which is an organization of African American extremists who believe that African people are oppressed.  The movement seeks to “oppose programming that oppresses, criminalizes, or slanders African people.”  This is an extremist group, with its leaders considering the U.S. police force as an “illegitimate standing army, a colonial army in the African community.”

As of now, tourism for the St. Petersburg area appears not to be threatened.  However, if the Uhuru Movement brings itself to mainstream media and condone further cop killings in the area, as a way the African people seek to resist being oppressed by the police force, then St. Petersburg may have to deal with a large problem of negative PR.


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