A Green Rant

When you think about it, culture influences society and “going green” is arguably a cultural movement influencing today’s society. Environmentalism and sustainability are ideas that are gaining attention from citizens, policy makers, companies and even advertisers. It’s not a new concept in terms of environmentalists, or in general—people have been concerned about the environment for many, many years—but, companies and advertisers have recently tried to make the public aware of their sustainable motives, no matter the size. Perhaps companies and advertisers think promoting sustainability will have a successful outcome for their product or service because that is what the public cares about. And in a sense, I think people want to act like they care about it, but in reality…they only kind of do.

This is why I say that the whole “going green” concept is influencing society because people and companies want to act as if they are doing their best to not harm the environment. I mean, I definitely fall into that category—I try to recycle, I understand what sort of things harm the environment, but am I really doing all I can to be environmentally friendly and reduce my carbon footprint? Probably not, and neither are the companies that say they’re environmentally friendly. I guess what I’m trying to say is that going green has become a common phrase in our society today, many people are promoting it, but are people really going green? Or are they just thinking green? Just some things to ponder when considering how culture shapes society.


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