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In Honor of Earth Day

Even though global climate change is evident across the world, it is just as noticeable in our own communities. I appreciate Earth Day 2013, Faces of Climate Change, because, as a Floridian, I have observed climate changes in the Tampa Bay Area recently. The temperatures drastically fluctuated in a two month period when Tampa faced record lows and highs. We faced extremely cold temperatures in March, yet set record highs in mid-April.

Just because I notice the changes in my community doesn’t mean that everyone does. It’s sad to say, but, there are people who do nothing but contribute to the damage our generation is inflicting on our planet. It’s selfish that these people aren’t open to altering their lifestyles to improve and preserve the state of the environment. There are small steps that to take to live a more sustainable life, which are easily available. Not matter the size, the effort will make a difference.

I took a quiz on Earth Day’s website because I was curious about the lifestyle I have grown accustomed to. Although I recycle my papers and plastics, my ecological footprint proved to be embarrassingly high. The quiz suggested I be more conscious about the amount and type of packaging products purchase. It also stated that consuming local products as opposed to meats or processed food is an easy step towards reducing your ecological footprint. I want to be one of the faces of climate change and with a little effort I know I can make differences, for my life and others.